Pressure and impact can damage your teeth, but there are ways to protect your smile. If you grind your teeth (bruxism) or play sports, a dental mouth guard may be a good device to protect your teeth. At Neville Dental Studio, we can design and create dental night guards and sports guards at our dental centers in Horse Cave, Bowling Green and Scottsville, KY.

Dental Night Guards for Bruxism

Bruxism is an oral health condition that involves clenching the jaw and grinding the teeth against each other. The pressure and friction can damage the teeth, removing enamel and fracturing the teeth. While you can control bruxism while you are awake, the most damage occurs at night when you are sleeping. A dental night guard is ideal to protect your teeth from bruxism damage.

Our dentists and dental team at Neville Dental Studio can create a customized night guard that will fit your teeth perfectly. We create a 3D dental impression of your mouth and make a mouth guard that is comfortable to wear when you sleep, keeping the teeth from touching each other. This can prevent damage to your teeth and jaw joint – TMJ disorders often are caused by teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Night guards can also be used as a form of sleep apnea treatment.

Custom Sports Guards

If you or your child play contact sports, a sports mouth guard can protect teeth from impact. Whether it’s football, rugby, hockey or other physical sports, you want to ensure the teeth are protected by a quality sports mouth guard. Our dental centers have advanced technology to create custom sports guards for you or your family members. These are personalized to fit comfortably and provide the ultimate protection for active athletes. With our advanced equipment, we can often create a custom sports guard while you wait, unlike other dentists that require weeks to make your oral device.

If you need a night guard for TMJ, bruxism or sleep apnea, or a sports guard for your active child, come see us at Neville Dental Studio. Call our dental center near you in Scottsville, Horse Cave, or Bowling Green, KY, to schedule an appointment.

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